About Us

How it All Began...


After two years in research and development, Zutter Innovative Products and Stacy Nicholas have developed the Ultimate Bow Crafting Tool. The name of the tool says it all – Bow-it-All.

After numerous prototypes and many hours working with the Bow-it-All designing and redesigning the tool, changing components, materials, colors and more, we finally knew we had developed the Perfect Bow Making Tool. The Bow-it-All is unlike any other bow making tool. The Bow-it-All is the first tool that will let you create a Single Bow, Double Bow or a Bow with a Back Ribbon all in just a few steps – no other tool does that. Using unique bow-tying techniques, you can create perfect bows from ½” wide up to 9” simply, and with picture-perfect loops and tails. Now the full, blossomy and uniform bows you want are at your fingertips! The Bow-it-All is your new favorite crafting tool!

Key Features of the Bow-it-All

3. UpgradedandNewFeaturesV3.0 White (pdf)