Match it Up!

Learn how to Dye your Ribbon to Match your Project


~Creative Ingredients~

  • Bow-it-All
  • Spray Bottle with Water
  • Non Stick Craft Mat (If you do not have a Non Stick Craft Mat you can use a piece of Wax Paper or Aluminum Foil)
  • Disposable Gloves
  • Small Craft Iron (This is Optional)
  • White Dyeable Ribbon - You will need enough to create your Bows and Back Ribbons and maybe even a little more just incase your creativity goes wild or you want some for another project :)
  • Dye Based Ink Pad or Ink Refill (Tim Holtz Distress Inks work Great)


Step by Step Instructions

Begin by Preparing your work surface, I like to put down my Large Cutting Mat and then put my Non Stick Craft Mat on top. You may want to secure your craft mat by using some sticky glue dots or tape to keep it in place on top of your work surface. Next gather up all of your other tools and supplies and keep them near you. You may want to Prepare yourself by putting on an old shirt or an apron because this project can get a bit messy and putting on the Rubber Gloves.


 Cut enough of your Dyeable Ribbon to create your Bows for your Project, I love to use White Seam Binding but most Cotton or Rayon Ribbons Dye Great. If you are not sure how much Ribbon you will need for your Bows you can refer to your Bow-it-All Instruction Manual where we have a page dedicated on helping you to figure out the yardage needed for your Bows. 


 Now let the Fun Begin!! Set your Ribbon aside and using your Spray Bottle with Water, spray about 4-5 pumps of water onto your Non Stick Craft Mat. Take your Ribbon and Flip Flop it around in the water getting it nice and moist and soaking up all of the water. Set the Ribbon aside and next take your Ink Pad or Ink Refill and apply some ink to the Non Stick Craft Mat Surface. If I am using an Ink Pad I usually pat it 4-5 times onto the mat to get a good amount of ink. If I am using the Ink Refills since these are concentrated I only put 2-3 drops on the mat. 




 Take the moist Ribbon and drop it down on top of the Ink that you just laid down on the Non Stick Craft Mat, start twisting and dropping the ribbon soaking up all of the ink. Once all of the ink has been soaked up into the ribbon take the Spray Bottle with Water and spray the ribbon a couple of times. Keep Scrunching and Squeezing, Twisting and Turning the Ribbon. If you think the color is blotchy or too dark you can spray a bit more water and just keep blending the ink into the ribbon. If the Ribbon is not dark enough you can add more ink. Just keep playing until you get the color or look that you would like.  



 Now it is time to decide if you would like your Ribbon to look a bit Shabby Vintage or if you would like it to look Pressed and Proper! To get the Shabby Vintage look take the ribbon and wad it up into a Tight Ball, I usually put a rubber band around it for awhile as it drys. Once it is partially dry remove the rubber band and re-scrunch it and just leave it wadded up in the ball but do not put the rubber band back on as it will leave a mark on the Ribbon. Once the Ribbon is Dry untwist it and run it through your fingers lightly to help straighten it a bit. It will be nice and scrunchy with a Perfect Shabby Vintage Look! 




 If you would like the Pressed and Proper look take the Dyed Ribbon and Run it through your fingers tightly pressing it flat. I usually do this a couple of times. Then take the Flatt end Ribbon and you can use a couple of clothes pins to hang it on a hanger to dry or if you have one of those pant hangers with the clips on it they work great too. You can lay the Ribbon out on a flat surface but it will take longer to dry. Once the Ribbon has dried take the Craft Iron and Iron it nice and flat to give it that Pressed and Proper Look! You can use a standard iron but be sure to have the iron setting on low so you do not scorch the Ribbon. 



Customers have questions, you have answers. Display the most frequently asked questions,  Now grab your Bow-it-All and Create your Perfect Bows for your Project! Have Fun and Remember to experiment Creating New and Different Bows using the Bow-it-All! so everybody benefits.